Furniture restoration and repair specialist

Sam Ryan Furniture knows the sentiment and attachment you can have towards your furniture. From antique pieces that simply cannot be replaced to more modern fixtures, our bespoke restoration services will give them a new lease of life regardless of their age. Each piece of furniture receives an individual approach, ensuring a skilled restoration of the highest quality and results that speak for themselves. The combination of modern and time-honoured handcraftsmanship techniques brings out the best of any wooden furniture piece that enters the workshop.

Antique Chest Repair and Restoration
Restored Ercol Windsor Chair

Wooden furniture fixes

If you ever find yourself in a need of a skilled furniture fixer and restorer to help with anything from fixing a loose joint, replacing missing pieces, removing dents and scratches, to sanding, polishing and re-finishing old or damaged surfaces, the solution is right here. With a full array of repair and restoration services that cater for all types of styles, designs and materials, Sam Ryan Furniture can take on any project and deliver outstanding transformations. One of our specialties is restoration of pieces from traditional British furniture makers, like Ercol, G Plan and more.   

Furniture repairs

Is your favourite piece of furniture broken or slightly wobbly but you don’t want to give up on it just yet? The good thing is that you don’t have to. No structural damages, broken piece or loose joint will hold you back from using your furniture for years to come. However extensive the repair is, we will thoroughly evaluate it and come up with a plan of action that will bring your piece back to life.

Cherry Wood Chair Repair - Before Cherry Wood Chair Repair - After
Chair Repair Process in Watford Workshop
Repolished Ercol Desk Top
Restoration of Antique Edwardian Bookcase - Before Restoration of Antique Edwardian Bookcase - After

Antique pieces

Restoration of antique furniture is something that Sam Ryan Furniture prides itself on. While good technical and workbench skills are required and necessary for any restoration project, Sam takes it even further. Being a passionate restorer, he utilises his knowledge of furniture history and making which allows him to deliver restorations that match the original look as much as possible.

Finish reviving

A bit of wear and tear and impact of the environment can become quite visible after some time, especially on furniture that is outdoors or highly used. Stripping and sanding the old finishes, making it ready to be re-polished, waxed or varnished, and then applying a new coat can truly work magic. Our services take care of small imperfections like ring marks, stains, or shallow scratches, as well as more extensive stripping and re-finishing jobs.

Garden Table New Finish and Repair - Before Garden Table New Finish and Repair - After
Teak Garden Table Repair and Staining

Replacement of missing or broken pieces

Wood staining

Structural damages

Split wood fixes

No job is too small

Sometimes all it takes is to strip back the old, damaged finish, uncover the original beauty, professionally treat it, and it feels like you are given back a brand-new piece of furniture. With years of experience under our belt, we provide furniture repair and restoration services that will exceed your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact Sam Ryan Furniture and let us take care of your furniture.

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