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Based in Watford, Hertfordshire, Sam Ryan Furniture is a well-established wooden furniture designer, maker and restorer with over 12 years of industry experience. Sam’s vast technical background allows him to deliver bespoke furniture and wooden accessories, working with the natural beauty of the wood and achieving perfect finishes. His interest in history and design has led him to mastering both present-day and time-honoured furniture restoration skills. Whether it is an antique or modern furniture piece that needs to be revived, Sam’s skilled craftsmanship will bring it back to its former glory.   

Sam Ryan, Furniture Restorer and Maker

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Sam Ryan Furniture, The Furniture Makers Company
Sam Ryan, Furniture Maker and Restorer

Sam Ryan, the founder of Sam Ryan Furniture, has been drawn to working with wood from a young age. In his eyes, creating furniture offers endless design opportunities, and to work with natural products of various grains, textures and types is the cherry on top. From taking woodworking classes at secondary school, to gaining a Higher National Diploma in Art as well as Furniture Making, and Design, and then obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Furniture Restoration, Conservation & Decorative Arts, Sam continues expanding his knowledge and skills. Joining the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme was one of the stepping stones of launching his successful business. Since then, he has been volunteering his services at a local charity shop, helping to repair and restore donated pieces of furniture, and also become a Freeman and then a Liveryman of The Furniture Makers’ Company.

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Whether it is a matter of bringing your furniture back to life and its former glory, or creating new, signature pieces that will find a place in your home, each fixture will be taken care of, paying extra attention to every detail. No piece is exactly the same, and so each project is one of a kind. At Sam Ryan Furniture, we believe in upcycling and provide restoration services that revive your wooden goods. There might be loads more potential in your piece of furniture, so don’t throw it away. Our customers are involved in each step of the journey and before they even realise, their furniture is back home.   

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There is no time like today. If you are looking for someone to design and make a new piece of furniture, or professionally restore your favourite wooden piece, contact Sam Ryan Furniture. Your budget, preferred style, materials and ideas will be taken into account, and any queries you might have will be answered and explained. Then the last and most enjoyable part of the process will be bringing your product to life!

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